Start Small.
Go Big.


Perhaps we should get to know each other better. Or maybe you're not sure where to begin.


Start Small


Option 1
Current-and-Future-State Audit


  • Capture your high-impact opportunities within a formal report—which enables further reflection and helps you gain stakeholder buy-in.


  • We gather basic data through a baseline survey.
  • We conduct interviews to delve beneath the quantitative findings. 
  • We analyze your tools and resources to see what exists and what is needed. 


  • At the end, you will have a documented snapshot of your current and future state, your high-impact opportunities, and ways to engage your team in these possibilities.

Option 2
Three POP Meetings


  • Explore high-impact opportunities while laying the foundation for a project-based collaboration (see "Go Big" below).


  • This is a more qualitative process—catering to relationship building, coaching in the moment, and spontaneous road-mapping together.
  • We conduct three lively and provocative meetings with (1) the executive director, (2) the leadership team for your core operations, and (3) leaders coordinating the engagement of paid, contractor and volunteer contributors.


  • By the end, we'll have generated energy, clarity and alignment around the high-impact opportunities, and we'll have primed the organization and all relationships for putting a priority project in motion.



Maybe you know exactly what you need, and are ready to dive in.


Go Big


A Project-Focused Mini Revolution


  • Simultaneously boost organizational impact and internal efficiencies through a high-impact project of immediate need and interest. 


  • We create an environment for thinking big and for choosing a priority project.
  • We provide the expertise for rethinking your people engagement and operations to make this big idea possible.
  • We join you in developing and implementing the project plan—and can fill team gaps on an interim basis if needed.
  • We help you make hard decision and lead you through the fuzzy.
  • We help ensure that the skills gained and lessons learned will forever change your business-as-usual.
  • We “work in to work out” — setting you up to no longer need us.


  • A completed high-impact project that provides a template for others, opening a new world of possibilities.
  • New self-proven approaches for mobilizing your paid, contractor and volunteer contributors.
  • A rejuvenated team that is reconnected to your organizational mission.


In either scenario, the secret sauce is the people and the trust we build with your team.